NOTE: If you don’t have an affinity for former-indie-going-mainstream pop rock music, you can skip this column. Go hug your kids. No kids? Go hug Britney Spears kids. I bet they could use a hug.

I’m slowly getting into Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I like their tunes. The thing is though, that guys voice is terrible and makes me a little crazy. But for some reason, some one in a million magic reason, it totally works and actually makes the music make more sense.  I’m walking down the street listening to this music going “God, I know dozens of people who sing better, but if they tried to do this, it would not work.”

I guess the point is, some things are so wrong they’re right. Is that the point I wanted to make? I think so. I’m a little frazzled since I lost my brand new metrocard at my friends’s birthday party last night. I bought that card in the afternoon and it was lost (probably on the bar floor) by that night. Damn it. Damn damn damn damn damn it. Feel like such an idiot. Oh well. I filed a claim with the MTA so hopefully that can be fixed!

Academy awards tonight!! Excited because I like pretty dresses, handsome man in tuxedos, and the recognition of jobs well done. Ooooh I should go buy some popcorn! Yes, off to buy popcorn,  til next time (probably tomorrow or the next day, when I’m bored at work)