It was a dreamy weekend for a single girl like me in NYC! With so many prize bachelors to choose from, how will I ever be able to settle down? There is always:

1.) The man on the 5 train who was clutching at a Corona bottle, only to open his vest and reveal three more bottles stashed inside. CLASSY. The part that really won me over was when he opened the bottle with his teeth! Or was it the part where it pounded down the beer and threw the empty bottle out of the train when it stopped? I can’t recall. What a dreamboat.

2.) Or maybe it was the guy outside the Dunkin Donuts who was rummaging through the trash. He found some packing foam and began to beat himself over the head with it, smiling happily as it did not hurt him.

Sigh. For some reason I find Brandon Flowers’ Pringles Man Mustache very attractive. And I hate mustaches! It must be Mr. Flowers himself. If you haven’t seen the video for “Bones” check that out. Directed by Tim Burton. Incredible.

PS. The moral of the story is that men in New York are insane. Just in case you missed it.