….on your bones? It’s only naaaa-tur-aaaal!!!!!

Oh my GOD. The KILLERS. In concert tonight at Madison Square Garden. So great. Terrific. Can’t stop thinking about it. Can’t stop smiling and humming to myself. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen them (Now I vow to see them every time they tour) and it’s seriously the best show in town. It’s so theatrical and it looks like they’re all having such a good time!! Brandon was skipping around and smiling and chatting between songs and they did all the classics as well as the best stuff off of “Sam’s Town”

Gosh. I love seeing them perform live. It’s just a feeling I can’t really describe. Seeing one of your favorite bands- I mean, you know. Singing and screaming and throwing your hands in the air and clapping and gasping because you’re just so happy to be there and having this experience!! oh the Killers! I only wish I could tell you how happy you’ve made me!! How happy you MAKE me!

And I bought a t-shirt. It’s overpriced but super sweet and will be a great reminder of an amazing concert from and INCREDIBLE band whom I simply adore!!