A man five hours ahead of me in the future said my name and I heard it!! Amazing!

Or should I say, I emailed the University of Edinburgh radio show, “Fresh Air” (which Carrie told me to tune into) and liked what I heard so much I thought they should know they were saving me from a very dull Friday at work! And they read my email on the air! It was so cool! Even cooler was the fact Ainslie Henderson was in the studio (ok, maybe that’s why I tuned in in the first place) and he heard it too!

The bad part was that I have a boy’s name and they thought I was a fella.

Oh well. It doesn’t stop being awesome. It really made my Friday.

What made my Friday weird was the fact that the elevator in the building where I work smells suspiciously of Corn Chips and Bleach. Not that I know what that smells like when combined, but those were two distinct odors my sniffer picked up. Strange things are afoot….