I’m sure I’m not the only single person in the world who gets their daily dose of fun from the Food Network but since blogging is better than say, learning my monologues for auditions (later I’m sure I will relate how those auditions went down in flames) let me talk about my three favorite shows.

1. I don’t know what this show is called, but it’s basically two chubby brothers from the south (one of whom is named Jamie, and it really gives me the creeps) and they travel all over America, last night it was Chicago, and spout pre-scripted gibberish about how this town is definitely their favorite and how its food is the best. Then they eat A LOT of said local foods and say how good it is. Afterwards, they moan and groan and call each other “Brother” instead of by name. They also comment about how fat they are. Often. Really often. At least once a segment does one brother (usually Jamie) say “I’m fat” It’s quite amusing. You kind of go, “Did he just say he’s fat? I don’t want to be fat like him. I will not eat these foods.”

2. Iron Chef America – I would like to kick it with the Chairman and maybe give Bobby Flay a hug because he looks like he could use one.

3. Unwrapped – because you know Mark Summers has to have the ever-loving shit medicated out of him while he explores these gooey, stickey factories where food is made (Summers has crazy OCD and is all about cleanliness – it is sort of a minor miracle he survived his stint on Double Dare for as long as he did) The show is actually fascinating, but I’m just watching for the day when Summers snaps.