If you are like me, you enjoy travelling on NYC buses. It’s pleasant in that you get to really take some quiet time and look out at your surroundings as you pass them by. It’s like a mini-tour every day, you always end up noticing something new. A fun shop, lovely architecture, hilariously dressed peoples…from the bus, your world perspective is widened.

Sometimes though, the bus is very crowded. This is just a fact of life. So why do some people immediately rush to the aisle seat, blocking access to the window seat, when the bus is full of other people also wanting to sit and rest their tired feet? Because those people are bastards.

Is it a spacial thing? I doubt it. I have long legs too, dickhead. You know what? Deal with it. Because it’s not that hard to tap the person next to you and politely say “Excuse me” when your stop comes and you need to get off. So don’t just take the aisle seat and hog all the room.

Nobody likes a bastard.