You may read the subject and say “WTF, mate?” but Geisha snaps is REAL and I saw it. Megan suggested we catch a showing of “Memoirs of a Geisha” tonight, and it was without a doubt the most absurd cinema going experience of my life. And I’ve been in some kooky audiences. The night started with the pre-movie advertising telling us that the movie we were about to see is coming to video March 28th and we might as well have smoked our $10.75 as spent it on this movie. NICE. Then the cast of characters began to assemble. At our 9 o’clock, an elderly Japanese couple. The gentleman, about 75-80 years old, I’d guess, kept making noises like a cauldron bubbling with phlegm. It was also especially delightful when he talked back to the screen and passed judgement over the characters. For instance, when the heroine says “I am not worthless!” he went “HAUGH!” and laughed! No women’s rights for you, Geisha-girl. He continually made these noises until everyone kept looking over him and Meg and I couldn’t stop cracking up! The penultimate moment came however when the woman in front of him suddenly raised her hand and rapidly snapped her fingers in response to one of his phlegmy moments. I mean, wow.Geisha snaps. It made so much sense because in the movie the Geishas were mean to each other, and then this woman was really fed up with the old Japanese man, so she gave him an “Aw, snap” move. Whew.