Why-o, why-o, why-o, why is it so cold in Ohio?

It really is -11 degrees. And that is absurd! Absurd! But we survive because we have scarves and mittens. This weekend was the nuptials of the lovely Megan and Bob here in Ohio, and it was AWESOME. I was looking at the pics earlier this morning, and felt a little bit sad that it was all over, since we had so much fun. Meg and Sari looked gorgeous, while Bob and his boys looked incredibly dapper and handsome. When they exchanged vows and kissed as husband and wife, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house! Then, of course, like any good wedding, it was followed by delicious cupcakes and a dance party!! I’ve had friends get married, but not friends as close as Meg and Bob, so it was pretty emotional. They really are so crazy fucking in love!!! Other highlights of the day included eating fast food in the dry hot tub with Toni, building a beer pyramid, karaoke with Binky and her crew, and all the shenanigans thereafter. I always feel so at home with Meg’s friends and family, and now it was nice to be able to add a few of Bob’s friends to the mix. Everyone hit it off so well, it was the nicest time I’ve had in such a long while!!

But it’s back to NYC this afternoon. Who’d have guessed I’d actually rather stay (inside) in Ohio?

On an unrelated note, “Pan’s Labyrinth” is not that good a movie. Sorry you guys, I really tried. I was unimpressed. The creatures were kind of neat, but I didn’t care about the story at all. Oh well. At least I tried. Gold star for effort.