Well…..have you?

Sometimes I feel when it comes to discipline children should be spoken strongly to. Or gently taught right from wrong. Yesterday, though, I met a little boy who should have been shaken (shook?). Like a martini. Like maracas. Like milk.

This incident took place in a coffee shop. The little boy (who for this exercise, we shall call “Leonard” as he looked to be a child of priveledge) stood by the counter and did nothing but whine, whilst his caretaker and the coffeeboy desperately tried to placate him.

“I want the chocolate bread!” screamed Leonard. And it was done.

“I want hot chocolate!” demanded Leonard. “From a packet!” The coffeeboy looked stunned. From a packet? When the delicious ingridients for the real thing were on hand?

“We don’t have the packet hot chocolate.” The coffeeboy gently explained.

Leonard began another wordless fit of whining noises.

“But I can make you chocolate milk! Would you like that?” The coffeeboy sweetly offered.

Leonard made more sulky noises and finally said “Yeah.”

Leonard and his caretaker were given excellent service and skulked off upon receiving their goodies.

I stood behind them in line, floored. HOW CAN YOU LET ANY CHILD GET AWAY WITH THIS BEHAVIOR!!!! Please? Thank you? What the heck is going on here, people?!?!

Which is why, friends, if you see Leonard, please shake him. Hard.