Where have all the heroes gone?

Whilst pouring over The Washington Post this morning I came to an unsavory revelation……

(No, it wasn’t about the current state of the world, it was much less deep and thoughtful than that)

It was that the BIG MALE MOVIE STARS of my youth (read 80s-90s) have fizzled out, most in less than glorious fashion. Does no one retire gracefully anymore? Or do they just “go out with a bang” in hopes that their careers are remembered on a VH1 special down the road?

Mel Gibson? Busted for being both wasted and a rip-roaring anti-Semite.

Tom Cruise? Baby? What baby? Oh, she’s on the spaceship with Xenu.

Harrison Ford? (The least problematic, but Oh Indy, where have you gone) He’s got an earring, he’s dating Ally McBeal, and not even Paul Bettany could make “Firewall” an interesting film. How I long for the days when all he had to do was punch someone and growl “Get off my plane” for an audience to explode in happy cheers!

Perhaps this is passing the torch to the next generation of leading men. Let’s just hope they don’t use that torch to subsequently light their own funeral pyres. Sheesh.