I saw Hugh Jackman on my way to the subway this morning….leading me to wonder the following things:
* Does he live in my neighborhood?
* Can people really be that attractive?
* Can I get free tickets to “The Prestige”?
* Does he need a co-star in the upcoming “Wolverine” prequel?

I did in fact wonder all these things. But I didn’t ask or even say hi, because it was a crowded street, on a busy morning, and he had his two kids in tow. I wouldn’t want to freak his kids out or anything. Besides, I already met Hugh once before, at the stage door for “Boy From Oz” (Wolverine can tap dance!!!) and he’s really a very nice man. He was being mobbed by all these crazy women and he was very sweet to all of them. So yeah, here’s to you, Hugh. It’s always nice to see you.