Although I have yet to quit my current job (and if you find me on MySpace, co-workers, don’t you tell or I’ll cut your face!) I’m on the hunt for a new job! I’ve decided (see two blogs previous) that life is just too short not to be doing something I really like. I’ve been looking for jobs involving things that please me: comedy, performance, writing, and being awesome. A few neat ones I’ve applied to, but I’m kind of wondering if people would really pay for me to write funny stuff on my mind. Would you? Minimum wage? I mean, I kind of do it for free here. So if you’re reading this and like it, uhm, send me a dollar (or equivalent coupons in the mail).

Because all I’ve eaten today are a smoothie and a pop tart. And I’m a growing girl.

PPS. Because I’m still OBSESSED with the new Keane album, check out the next incredible single “Leaving So Soon?”