Have you seen that movie “The Queen” starring Helen Mirren? If not, where have you been? (and the rest of this blog is no longer going to be of interest for you)

The movie is about the Queen’s reaction in the days following the death of Princess Diana. Everyone thought she was a cold hearted mega bitch (and I’m not defending her actions here, she was pretty darn cold) when really she just wanted to keep what she saw as a family affair private.

I connect with that sentiment. For all the jokes, I’m a very private person. Think about it, do I ever really “express myself” in a blog? Not so much. I tell you a funny story about something I saw or did, and then take the piss out of it. I’m not really into sharing my feelings, especially in a public arena. Why would anyone want their friends reading their actual diary? That’s fucking absurd.

So…yeah. See it? Me? Queen? Me? Queen? Totally.

On a separate (but equally British) note, seriously check out disc 7 of Lost Season 2 DVD. The Channel 4 promo directed by David LaChapelle is the coolest fucking thing Give it a watch.