I’m performing in Indie Improv Amusement Hall with Queefer Sutherland. This Wednesday, August 23rd at Under St. Marks, 8pm.

It’s the only time I’ll be back in the city for a while, so come check it out. (Shameless plugs – check AND check.)

Have you ever gotten shampoo in your eyes? Sure you have. It really stings. You kind of dance from side to side until it rinses from you face and your eyes are a little bloodshot afterwards.

Have you ever gotten TEA TREE shampoo in your eyes? It’s like burning acid. I thought I was going to turn into the Joker! I was writhing in pain in the shower hoping God would just take my life right then and there, to put me out of my misery.

Clean hair is worth it though. Totally worth it. Right?

PS- For those friends following my Canadian subplot, I saw Paul’s brother Steve at Uncommon Grounds and ran away because I was too scared to apologize for standing up his kid brother for breakfast. Shiiiit.