I am such a huge fan of solo concert-going. While it’s still a blast to go with friends, there’s something really nice about just having a night to enjoy live music alone.

Last night I saw The Shins at Madision Square Garden. They were terrific! I actually think they might sound better live, without that extra tweaking from computers in the producing studio. And they played EVERY SINGLE SONG that I had hoped to hear, which almost never happens. They seem like really nice guys, joking around and laughing together on stage, as if they were playing some small Portland coffee house, rather than one of the most awe-inspiring venues in the US! So lovely, such a blast!

The only down side (and really, this would have freaked anybody out a bit) was the fact that I was seated in a very tiny box with two makey-outey teenage couples, who were clearly excited to find another dark spot filled with music to make out in. One couple was pretty cute, while I was concerned the other were going to conceive their first child mere inches away from my purse. Yikes. But who can blame them, when such great music is in the air?