….are two entirely unrelated things. Just so you know.

First, am I the only person getting the “Belief-O-Matic” popups? That offers to magically guess my religious outlook through what I’m thinking is a game of 20 questions? WEEEIRDED OUUUT.

Second, let’s give it up for Robert Downey Jr. Seriously. He’s so freaking talented. So he had a little problem with the drugs. That’s over. If you’re doubting me, rent “Kiss kiss bang bang” (seriously the funniest movie I’ve rented in a while – Val Kilmer as gay detective is priceless) or “Chaplin”. He’s got the goods. That intelligent kind of manic, rapid-fire line delivery, coupled with a very expressive, lived-in face. AND CNN reported yesterday that he’s signed to play Iron Man (from the comic book) in the upcoming movie! SWEET SWEETNESS. Not going to lie. I’m all sorts of excited by that.