I made Lionel Richie my top MySpace friend because, well….

First of all, it’s so awesome to have an R&B legend at the top of my list.

Second, I weigh about twice as much as his daughter Nicole, so I consider myself more substantial, both literally and figureatively.

And last, whenever I’m having an energy dip, I put on “Dancing on the Ceiling” and it really pumps me up. Totally!

(Oh, and “Say You Say Me” used to be my co-worker Dave and my song, so it reminds me of all the fun we used to have working at the bookstore!)

Viva Lionel!

ADDENDUM: ok, the maintenance main in my office building just came up behind me (scaring the crap out of me) and went “Is that Lionel Richie?!? I knew I saw Lionel Richie!!” I think I just made a new friend. Lionel Richie brings people together.