Taking a page from the blog of Miss Katie Cheek, I too am encouraging the world, nay the galaxy, to go to BAM before March 31st and see the dance version of “Edward Scissorhands” directed and choreographed by that genius (and I don’t use that term lightly) Matthew Bourne.

*Warning* This show has no words. It’s not the movie on stage. It’s a gorgeous and unique dance play that uses the movie as its inspiration and basis, but makes an impression all its own.

Matthew Bourne (with whom I’m somewhat enamored) is the brilliant mind who created the all-male “Swan Lake”, the auto-erotic “Car Man” as well as the delightful new “Nutcracker” and the piece that truly changed my views on theatre…”Play Without Words”

So between incredible music (a blend of the Danny Elfman score and new compositions) mind blowing set pieces, and joyous movements you really can’t miss out. I’m totally going back to see it again, if you want to come with.

(PS. There are two young men who dance the part of Edward – I saw Sam Archer, and he’s brilliant. An incredible dancer, and he looks like one of my dearest friends, but complete with dreamy English accent!)