The neighborhood of Pacific Beach, known widely as PB, is both a dirty, whore-ridden tourist trap, and the loveliest place on the planet. (Your head explodes) How can this be? It’s true though. Bordering on the more swanky La Jolla neighborhoods, PB is literally the beach and boardwalk, home to surfers, stoners, teenage wasteoids, and others with little desire other than to surf and pass life as pleasantly as possible.

Honestly, what could be nicer?

For every time you see some white trash guy smack his kid (and I have seen that several times this week actually) there is a sunset over the ocean, a perfect wave, that indescribable smell of sunshine and all the little glories that make California so magical. So what if your neighbors are thugs? For those who live the majority of life between their ears (like myself) it really couldn’t be more lovely. Just ignore the incredibly weird shit and focus on the peaceful beauty of your surroundings.