Blogging fever this week! Must be the holiday weekend!

Well, chew on this one. Most young women like myself groan and gripe and complain they are “turning into their mother.” Not me! Slowly but surely, the signs are revealing themselves. Personality-wise, I am becoming my dad. How could this possibly be you might ask? See for yourself…

*I rant and rave constantly, even using his same expressions! (Dad is a big ranter) I commented today that people who spend $40 on a soap dispenser (as you do where I work) should be “dragged out into the street and shot.” I don’t really think they should be shot (perhaps just paddled) but I mean, I sound just like him!

*I love to sleep in the early evenings, usually just after the news.

*I look adorable in plaid.

*When people ask me a question, but I have not really been listening to them, I just inhale really quickly whilst muttering the phrase “Yep, yep, yep” in hopes that they were asking a “Yes” or “No” question in the first place.

Amazing! How cool. I mean, my dad is a pretty remarkable guy. I’m kind of honored to be turning into him. As long as I don’t have to start practicing law or shaving my face. That would be craaaaazy.