I would just like to point out (briefly) that I am a computer genius with no computer training (except for mandatory typing classes in 8th grade, and that doesn’t count, because the lady who taught it was off her rocker). That being said, I DID in fact have to relinquish to Carlos and his henchmen from Best Buy a hefty cut of my paycheck last week to fix the damn laptop, but once it was working again, oh I was a golden god of megabites! My recent accomplishments include:

*replacing the hardware of the CD/DVD-rom drive all by myself , which included unscrewing it from the motherboard, which was very intense, but totally cool.

*restore and repair all my music software, so that I could burn a CD for my friend. I also had to make sure it didn’t wipe out my ipod, because that would have probably made me cry.

*and then TODAY at work I needed to print some color flow-charts for my boss, but have no access to a color printer on this floor, so being the NINJA that I am, I re-routed my computer to print to a machine on another floor, and thus, was a great hero throughout the land!!!

And now I’m doing this. And then lunch. Yay!