That is the title of a book the little girl next to me at Starbucks is reading. I’m completely floored. I mean, I used to read the books and watch movies ABOUT princesses, but not with the delusion of actually becoming one!! I want to say something (that’s why I’m a jerk) but what? Because this situation comes from one of two places:

1. She IS  a princess, of the Jewish-American variety, or

2. Her life really isn’t that glamorous, and by telling her the chances of becoming a 21st century princess are slim (I think Kate Middleton cornered that market long ago, ladies) I would shatter her fragile psyche and ruin her.

I will probably just keep my big mouth shut (I’m not THAT big a jerk) but I keep looking at the little blonde girl on the cover of the book, who is clearly wearing a poofy white dress and pearls, and all I can think is…Jon Benet?