…which is basically the only way to sum up “Dancing With the Stars” last night.

(YES!! I watched!!! Judge me as you will – and you have every right to – but I was tired and it was a nice way to turn off my brain.)

Joey, the 2nd ugliest guy from N’Sync (that honor goes to YOU, dreadlock guy!)…and I’m not kidding…did a tango to the theme from “Star Wars”! That’s got to be on YouTube pretty soon. I’d check that out. It was completely surreal, and I found myself screaming aloud with laughter, going “Why is everyone acting like this is OK?!?” And his poor dance partner was dressed like Princess Lea when she was Jabba the Hutt’s slutty slave girl. And even though Joey was dressed like a Jedi and wielding a lightsaber to match, I couldn’t help but think his scores would have been higher had he dressed like Jabba instead. A truly bold choice. Possibly restrictive of dancing, but BOLD!!

Also, that somewhat handsome blonde guy from 90210 (or was it Melrose Place? I honestly can’t keep them apart anymore….c’mon they were essentially the same show!) Ian Zeiring did a pretty neat little dance, but the best part was when the camera obviously got jostled¬†towards the end, and all we saw was curtain and sparkly lights! THEN, adding insult to injury, the judges kept saying “You had it until that very last step”….the step we didn’t see because Mojo the camera operator tripped over a power cord or something!! Curses!! What did he do wrong?!? WHAAAAT?

Oh, these are the terrible things that I will regret on my deathbed.