I like Vitamin Water. Do you? I like to think that when I drink it, it makes up for my eating sins (like my unfortunate habit of 7-11 coffee for breakfast – I’m relatively certain that my autopsy will show that as cause of death).

This morning I am drinking the “Multi-V” variety, in the nice lemonade flavor. It is quite refreshing. But it looks murky and suspiciously like dirty dishwater. In fact, if I were to come over to your house and you were to hand me this beverage in a glass, I would refuse, and insist that you were trying to make me drink dishwater.

(Sidebar: This is a hilarious prank in the making. Find an empty bottle of this brand of Vitamin water and put dishwater in it. Watch hilarity and dry heaving ensue)

Dear Makers of Vitamin Water – maybe make delicious product look less sketchy? I’m just sayin’.