My elementary school had something once upon a time called “Wacky Wednesday” where we wore our clothes backwards or inside out, and this was considered INSANE and we chuckled with self-satisfaction at our ability to really “cut loose” at the age of 7.

But when you grow up, and you’re on the bus to work, and weird shit starts happening, you start to wonder if those old “Wacky Wednesday” routines were just our teachers trying to give us a taste for the hellacious working world that awaited us.

On the bus this morning, I saw 2 things of wonder:

1. I think it was Fiona Apple. Has Fiona Apple broken her arm recently? She looked skinny and strung out and tortured enough to be her, but then, why would a multi-million album selling singer be on the crosstown bus at 8 in the morning? She was wearing sunglasses though. How typical of a tortured artist! It’s raining! Those were to protect her identity.

2. A sign for “eye surgery” (of some kind) claiming that in this country “38 million people are blind, but 27 million don’t have to be”….which leaves me wondering about those 11 million people who MUST be blind, no matter the cost!!!

And finally (because I do actually have work to do – the life of a dyslexic proof-reader is never static) there is some lady on our floor who is brushing her hair in the bathroom in the morning (ok) and leaving the hairs everywhere, all over the counter and in the sink (not ok). If I find you, you callous wench, I am going to throw down with you in the ladies room, and make you clean up your mess, you thoughtless, gross twat.