After much deliberation, I’ve decided upon this “look” for A Tapered Mind, which basically means that I clicked on a certain pre-made design and the blog adapted to fit it. Like those animals that change colors to blend with their environment and escape predators. Before I decided on this design, it was like playing Barbie with a blog, in that you could really design a blog’s entire personality based on a few splashes of color and an abundance of pink flowery designs. I miss Barbie. If it were socially acceptable, I’d probably still play with them. Like, openly. Bring them to work, play when I got bored, keep pretending my life is just a girlish fantasy! Sweet. I know that today Barbie is this mythical feminist/anti-feminist (depending on where you stand) figure, but gosh, she was such a blast to play with. My Barbies were mostly superheroines, like Batgirl or Supergirl, but at the end of the day (after saving the world), always put on their prettiest ballgown to go to a fancy party with Rio (I didn’t have a proper Ken doll, I had the “Rio” doll, for those of you who remember Jem’s purple haired, kind of homosexual boyfriend).

ANYWAY back to the blog. I’ll save my Barbie homage for another time. I like the tunnel picture because like my mind, a tunnel is 1. narrow, 2. sometimes crowded, 3. occaisionally there is an accident, 4. dark with little patches of neon lights, 4 1/2. like that Sylvester Stallone movie “Daylight” except not horrible, 5. and you sometimes have to pay too much money to get out. Oh metaphors!!!

I’m sleepy. I wish I could go home. Sometime soon I’m going to experiment with posting pictures and videos. But that day is not today.