….is not something you usually hear when you head down to your local record store. I guess these things are different when your local store is the Virgin MegaStore in Times Square. Because when I went down there today on my lunch break (sad how many of these blogs have to do with exciting shit I do during lunch) to try and find the single “Stay the Night” by the kick ass band called Ghosts (didn’t find it. Very sad. It’s not on Itunes. I checked.) there was the KISS frontman himself, Gene Simmons!!! He was not in makeup (disappointment #1) and very old looking (disappointment #2) but he was there to promote the video game “Guitar Hero” (totally redemptive of disappointment #’s 1&2) and was playing on a stage with a little black girl and a little asian girl. The whole store was rocking so hard! And yes, Mr. Simmons stuck out his ungodly big tounge and made the rock and roll hand signs he is famous for – he knows what the people came to see.

It really made me smile and laugh. Cheesy stuff like that always does, but it really brightened my day. I took a picture on my camera phone but it came out blobby so I deleted it. It wouldn’t have done the spectacle justice anyways.