I’m only a temp through the month of June…through June….June…I can make it.

When you’re sloggin’ through existence for a few months, you really cling to those stupid little extravagances of your life that you realize, may be the only things keeping you alive! They’re stupid, they’re materialistic, and YOU LOVE THEM. Or at least I do.

1. Virgin Radio UK. You can actually go to their website (Google it bitches. I can’t link everything for you) and listen for free all day long! I do at work. I’m actually listening to that great song “Stay the Night” I mentioned in the last post. This radio station has really saved my life, in that instead of the crazy loud conversations of my co-workers, I can listen to the best music coming out of the UK right now! I’ve discovered such great stuff, including the revival of the Manic Street Preachers, James (Reunion Tour 2007!) and this little ditty called “Poison Prince” that I think will be the soundtrack of many movie previews once it explodes over here in the US. The only down side (and it’s not really a down side in my opinion) is the fact that it makes me even more anti-social at work (big headphones = leave me be) and I’m really getting into the little radio games the DJs play, and I wish I could call in. My favorite is the “Night Fever” where they read off a list of symptoms and people call in trying to diagnose what the ailment is (only in the UK could this game ever be popular). Yesterday was kidney failure! (she said excitedly) It’s really really fun.

2. 7-11 iced coffee. About $1.50 less expensive than Starbucks (it comes from a machine that makes clicking noises), I’m sure it’s gearing me up for some kind of massive total organ failure in the next few years, but clearly that’s not stopping me. It’s not all bad, it can taste pretty good. In that burning kind of way. Try “French” Vanilla. I say “French” because it’s about as French as Nascar. American Nascar. Not Formula One racing. I saw “Talladega Nights” too, people.

3. Bravo TV. It started with “Top Chef” then “Top Design”  “Work Out” and now “Shear Genius” (I love you Dr. Boogie! You seem like the sassy gay friend who can do amazing hair every girl should have! But I don’t think you’re a real doctor….are you? Dr. of Funk-ology? I need a hair cut so bad.) These shows are interesting because of the pre-packaged drama, and the idea of doing your profession (and some may say your art) under severe time constraints and limits. I try not to watch, but it just sucks you down. Usually, I make fun of people who get really into these things, but I like the competitions – it makes me want to try it myself. And in that, I could argue Bravo TV is really just pushing me to be a better person, right?


…..right?…..anybody?…..Just me?…….ok.