I forgot to mention earlier (too tired) that I found a little figurine of Obi-Wan Kenobi on the sidewalk this morning – which is EXACTLY the kind of neat thing that happens when you’re walking down the street hungover. It’s too small to be a kid’s toy (I paused when I picked it up, thinking maybe I was robbing an already indulged Upper West Side child of his favorite toy) but it’s way too small for that (less than an inch high) and has “Choking Hazard” written all over it. So I pocketed Obi-Wan and brought him to work with me.

For some reason, the figurine can raise its arms (Is this part of the nerdiest role-playing game ever?) so I have set him atop my computer, in the triumphant “Touchdown!!” pose – as if he cheers for me! Not like I’m doing anything worth cheering for right now, but it’s pleasant to imagine that a Jedi Master is pulling for you.