At first I was worried all my boasting and trash talking would be for nought. But then…my game came back….and I was re-annointed the best drunk bowler in the world. Yesterday was my beloved roommate’s birthday, and for this we went bowling…at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Yes, there is a bowling alley (and it’s not as shady as I thought it would be) on the upper level of the Port Authority. It’s really funny. And we got a good package deal that included giant beer dispensers (they were like a blend of keg and hookah, it was such a trip) so I could really begin to kick some ass. I don’t know why I’m an amazing drunk bowler. I don’t question the talents that God has bestowed upon me. I just drop it (the ball) like it’s hot. Last night, however, my awesomeness reached new heights because I was wearing my black stretchy work trousers, which are great because they look fancy, but feel like sweatpants! (“Chanco. When you are a man sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It’s for fun” – Nacho Libre”) Subsequently, I was able to really lunge and swivel as I threw the ball down the lane. My lunges (and the subseqent strikes I got – my final score was 115 and I was seriously fucked up drunk) suddenly turned into victorious Yoga poses! Warrior pose! Sun salute! And all thanks to a giant beer dispenser and my stretchy work trousers.  Needless to say, I woke up still drunk this morning and am currently at work. CLASSY.

Now we need to talk (or rather, I need to brag) about my amazing new phone. I switched from Verizon to Cingular yesterday because Cingular phones can work globally, so when I move to London in the fall, I’ll be able to call home once in a while, and use SIM cards for local calls, etc.etc. While I fully intend to return to Verizon (I love them. Switching to Cingular seriously felt like cheating on my boyfriend) this new phone is off the hiz-zay!! I haven’t read the instruction booklet yet, so I have no idea how to operate it, but it’s super cool and I feel like a spy/ninja/badass with it. Also, it was the only phone in the store that has raised buttons, which I like. Also, it was cheap.

My amazing new phoneNow, I have no idea how to use the “Walkman” aspect of the phone yet either, but I thought that was kind of kicky. I mean, come on, who didn’t use to love their Walkman before everyone got an ipod?!? I’ll read the book this weekend, and hopefully be a phone master soon.