….are/were a band. Does anyone else remember them? I just heard their song on the radio and thought…oh, that’s nice. Seeing as its monday. A rainy Monday. Yesterday was apparently the 2nd rainiest day in New York City history. I feel as if I have lived through something historic! I spent all day yesterday in hiding, doing such thrilling activities as watching series one of “Felicity” (such a quality girly show) and cutting pictures and articles out of magazines to put into my “Idea Book” which is basically just a ratty old notebook which I turn to for things that interest and inspire me (I know. I’m a dorkwad. You’re not the first to say so.)

I wish I had some better/nicer thoughts. Basically, I finished all my work at 12:30 and have been checking CNN.com repeatedly for news about the VA Tech shootings. While the two people that I know there are safe and sound (Thank God) I’m just really sad about the whole thing. I guess I hoped the era of school shootings was behind us. There goes my rampant optimism again.

To swerve back onto the path of better thoughts, by May 10th, I should have picked up all the music I’m looking to buy to crank out some really good mix CDs for those of you who like them. So watch the mail.