Wouldn’t that be a three-way competition for the ages?!? I think Spider-Man would win just through strength (unless Mandy has special powers she’s not talking about). In truth though, these three individuals (2 real, ladies Spears and Moore) and one fictional (OR IS HE?!? No, he is. I checked.) were on MSN.com this morning for various reasons.

1. Spider-Man. With the May 4 release date of what is shaping up to be the last in the franchise (trilogies are nice, they make a good box set) the final trailer is up on imdb.com. It’s pretty sweet, and shows a quick glimpse of Dr. Connors (will we ever see The Lizard? Guess not) and lots of Venom! Now when I heard that Topher Grace was playing Venom, I was one of millions who went “Really?” but it looks great to me. So yes, check out that last trailer – looks like there are going to be some great jump-out-of-your-seat moments.

2. Britney Spears. Did you see that weird ass video rant she did? What the heck was that all about? Brit, sarcasm is clearly a hat that doesn’t fit your crazy head. What did you really think this would accomplish besides further illustrate how completely unhinged you are? Is this your acting comeback? MSN quoted parts of the video this morning….”Like, omigawd, like the other day, like, I was sitting there, and I saw these magazines, and they said I was pregnant, and like, it’s sooo true,” she continues, in a failed attempt at sarcasm. “Like, America, believe everything you read because, like, you’re smart and I’m stupid. Like for real. C’mon, y’all.”  Wow. George Orwell she is not. She also slammed her managers for putting her into rehab, when in all truth I think she might want to thank them for not dressing her in the season’s hottest trend, the tight white jacket that ties in the back. I wish she were more like….

3. Mandy Moore. I just think she’s nice. I read her interview in the newest issue of Elle and she strikes me as a girl I would like to be friends with. She doesn’t talk like a jerk or an idiot, she confesses to being a bit of a homebody, and she’s pretty honest about some career goofs she’s made (“Because I Said So” wasn’t your fault, honey, that was just Diane Keaton going a little nutters). And I know she doesn’t like most of the music she’s made up until now, but girl, that single “Candy” jumpstarts most of my dance parties, I cannot lie! Also, apparently she is 5’10” and we could form some sort of tall girls alliance. So cheers to you Mandy Moore,  I hope your career takes the path you want it to.