….I’m not. Just establishing that fact now.

I got to see a sneak peek (but looking at imdb.com, apparently so has everyone else) of the new comedy “Knocked Up” last night. It was funny, because I could see the screening company people filming our reactions while we watched the movie. I made sure my gestures were all completely off-the-charts insane and my laughter very stylized. This is not the first time I’ve gotten to see a sneak peek, and I always enjoy myself. Usually, though, when you arrive at the theatre, they confiscate your mobile phones so you cannot possibly record or photograph any part of the film. Seeing as I JUST BOUGHT a sweet ass new phone, and don’t want strangers touching it, I sneakily brought in my busted old phone as a decoy (I would have been an excellent World War II spy), but of course, the one time I formulate a clever plan, they didn’t take our phones!! They just asked us to put them on silent!! Whaaaaa? Oh well.

The movie itself had some really funny moments. Paul Rudd really can turn any role he gets into the one that steals the movie. And he gets better looking with age, like a fine wine. He was definitely the best. There are some great cameos and bit parts too. Would you like some juice, because you are veryfine.

I guess my biggest “issues” with the movie are its uneven tone (is this a story about slackers? Love? Growing up? Making mistakes? What?) and waaaay too long running time (Editors, get on that shit). I have to give a shout out though, to the late Stephanie Mnookin, who plays a nurse briefly in the film. I had the pleasure of writing and performing under her guidance on a theatre piece her husband directed when I was in college. She is gone but by no means been forgotten. Steph was a really cool lady.