How great was that show? I mean, for all its cheese and melodrama, it made for some excellent TV. I recently Netflix’ed (which like Google, has become a verb) the first season – the super dramatic Freshman Year – and I forgot how it really does make you care about these characters. I mean, so what if Felicity is kind of deranged for following Ben ACROSS THE COUNTRY?!? It’s all in the name of teenage hyper-sensitivity!!

As I said, I’m only working on Freshman year right now. I’m not even in the climatic Ben Vs. Noel battle, or the haircut that launched a thousand concerned board meetings at the WB. No one has died (but the Pink Power Ranger has indeed been sexually assaulted by her film-maker boyfriend). Kerri Russell, you are so good! You are awkward yet beautiful, and I see why we identified with and clung to you so fiercely. Felicity fucks something big up at least once an episode, but we keep cheering for her, because she DOES break down and cry when embarassing or horrible stuff happens, but she’s got the guts to keep going. Unlike “Ugly Betty” which I can’t stand (America Ferrara and Ashley Jensen are too good for such a crap show.) the heroine is real. Ugly Betty is just a perfect angel person with bushy eyebrows and not a bad bone in her un-fat body, I can’t stand a character who’s heart is just pure gold, that’s not real, not something I can get behind. I kind of think that’s why Grey’s Anatomy is such a hit (that and the fact that everyone at Seattle Grace has slept with each other, and it’s only season 3!) because these characters are just as messed up as we are and they have to dig their way out of big mistakes they make.

Oh, and Scott Foley was GORGEOUS. Jennifer Garner, you must be crazy to trade that in, girl! Yum.