Bob Newhart is a man who is onto something.  He burst forth onto the comedy scene with his comedy album, “The Button Down Mind” (whose title this blog humbly usurps for its own diabolical purposes). Mr. Newhart’s comedic style is reminiscent of a button down shirt: casual and comfortable yet classy and respectable.

I love button down shirts. Achilles has his heel, Superman his Kryptonite, and I have button down shirts. As the weather heats up and gentlemen in New York begin to shed their suit jackets, I just think everyone looks so much nicer. A button down shirt can be crisp and dressy, making everyone look a little snazzier, or it can be soft and rumply, like you just rolled out of bed and threw it on to pop down to the corner for a bagel. Girls, don’t you love to borrow your boyfriend’s button down? Guys, don’t you love it when they do? All of humanity looks cuter in button downs. While I’m not advocating a burning of other styles (don’t get me started on how much I love those soft gray track T-shirts!), I’m just saying that for us stuck in the working world, they’re a nice little way to look less crappy.

A J.Crew shirt everyone will look good in