Oh Jimmy. Jimmy Jimmy. Who wrote that song about you? Spin Doctors?

I used to think you were such an idiot. I don’t know why I singled you out specifically over say, Lois Lane, or Perry White, or the bazillion other people who live in Metropolis, but it’s probably because you see Clark Kent and Superman on a daily basis, and STILL cannot tell his only disguise is a pair of glasses!! How could you be so blind (pun accidental, but being left in during editing anyways)!!?? It’s not like I put on my glasses and my roommate comes home and gets embarassed because she thinks she’s in the wrong apartment!

But now…I understand. Because I have the same problem, except with buildings instead of people. It happened last month when I walked by my office building, not recognizing this place that I go five times a week because…there was a scaffold covering part of it.


God I’m stupid. How could I let a stupid little bit of pipe and wire conceal an entire building and fool me!!!? I mean, I didn’t just sort of get confused, I walked straight past the building up a block until I realized I had reached Rosa Mexicana, the point of no return. Then I sheepishly turned around, pantomiming to no one in particular that I had “forgotten” something (where? what? who knows?! I had to save my pride) and rushed into the building. I wonder if the guy at the front desk saw me stroll by earlier? Probably not, but I’m sure he judges me just like I judged Jimmy Olsen, just the same.