Maybe it’s the fact that one of my best friends is about to become a parent.

Maybe the article I read today on has something to do with it.

Little girls are changing, that much is for sure. But not in a good way. They’ve gone from games of princess to games of slutbucket. And while no one can point to a specific person or thing (former teen icons like Britney Spears, provocative clothes like those stupid shorts with stuff like “Angel” or “Spoiled” written in sparkles on the butt) and say “That is the problem” there are some absurd things in toy stores today.

And that is what brings me to the Bratz dolls.

Now if I saw a girl like that at a bar, I would think she was kind of a dumb skank. Straight up. Yes, that is judging a book by its cover, but when the cover dresses itself in absurd clothes, it demands attention, so I pass judgement upon it. Can anyone honestly expect to not be laughed at when they wear a sparkly idiot shirt, and more makeup than any transvestite? Is this the kind of girl they want to grow up to be?? I’m not saying every woman should aspire to be a doctor, lawyer, or President. I’m just saying she should respect herself and maintain her dignity!! Playing with dolls is not the problem. I played with Barbies too. But my Barbies were superhero girls more like:

Who would only go out in a fancy (not tarty) party dress after she had saved the world. Maybe it’s just the way I was raised, but I wonder if this kind of tricked-out-party-girl image is going to seriously fuck up the next generation. Are clothes and makeup all that matter?