Last week, a little bubble popped up on my computer. It said “Meeting with Kathleen” (the boss) “April 25th, 9:30am. Do You Accept?”

Did I really have a choice to refuse a meeting with my boss? Every few days a reminder bubble would pop up and I would quickly quash it! Am I getting fired? Too much time spent blogging? I can’t be let go yet, I’ve got a tuition to pay off!!

So this morning, I was busy thinking about Michael’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mike!) when the bubble popped up again. “Meeting in 30 Minutes” OH NO. I emailed my supervisor and asked if he knew why I had to meet with the big boss. He said it was no big worry, meetings like this are just for checking in, seeing how my project is progressing. I quietly slipped downstairs and did the best I could to fix my mess of hair in the ladies room. I saw Kathleen go into her office, before her voice boomed “Jamie.”

I came in. “Hi” I murmured. “Grab a seat.” she instructed. I did. Peter, another temp, came in with pen and paper. Shit. I should have brought pen and paper too! Dammit!

“This” Kathleen began, “is a ruse. Do you know what that means?”

“It’s a….trick.” I said. Peter and I exchanged looks.

“Correct! We are actually here to let you know how much we really appreciate the work you guys do for us.” And with that she handed us REALLY NICE gift certificates to Whole Foods (super gourmet foodshops) and little bags of candy (gummy gems! With super-cool light up tongs to grab them with, so it looks like your candy is glowing!).

I was (and am still, as it’s only 9:55) really floored. Isn’t that so nice? I’m really touched. Nobody had to do that, to acknowledge a temp, but they did and in a kind way. So as I move on in a month, I’ll always remember that this company was really great to me. And they also tricked me. In a nice way.