I love The Killers. Straight up. I’m not one of those kids who pretends to be really into the newest under-the-radar hipster band because it makes them seem cooler. NO WAY JOSE!! I love my hugely mainstream pop to the point where I wear it proudly across my chest in a souvenir tour T-shirt.

Last night, I saw The Killers for the 4th time (judge as you will). But you know what? Every single time, I have an incredible time, and make more fantastic memories!! Here’s a brief history of me and those boys from Vegas.

1.) First concert: in VA. Went with my brother, just us. The beginning of summer, an outdoor venue, with lawn seats and margaritas (that were grossly expensive). What made the concert one for the ages was that Regina Spektor, Maximo Park and Keane (all incredible artists in their own right) opened the show. All the music was fucking phenomenal!!! What made the concert so special to me was that I got to share it with my brother and we have that really awesome memory together. Cheesy, but true. So every time I go to a Killers concert now, I text message him and say “Wish you were here!!”

2.) Second concert: The theatre at Madison Square Garden, NYC. The theatre is a smaller house within the giant stadium complex of MSG. I went alone, my first time doing so to a concert. It was fantastic! I had great seats and danced until I could hardly stand. I also discovered that when you buy a gin and tonic from the vendors there, you get a light up swizzle stick (which my father collects, so I gave those to him) which you can wave around and it looks super cool. Also this was the first leg of the “Sam’s Town” tour so this is where my love of their music was solidified.

3.) Third Concert: same place, the next day. Yeah, I went two days in a row! But I got to take Boots to his first concert with Lex, and seeing his brain get blown out of his skull with wonder much like mine had at my first concert with really great! I felt very big sisterly.

4.) Last night, the ARENA (much bigger than the theatre) at Madison Square Garden!!! They sold out the arena!! A huge venue, but the quality of performance was just as dedicated as its been with smaller houses! The Killers really have a knack for making everyone in the audience (the thousands of us!) feel really included and excited to be there! (And I swear Brandon Flowers can always find me in the audience and make eye contact. At least once a show. I’m delusional. But he’s one of a very select group of men I would break my “Never Make A Play for Another Woman’s Man” rule for.) Before the Killers went on, we were treated to a performance by The Silver Beats, a Beatles cover band from….JAPAN!! And they sounded exactly like the Beatles!! Rocking out at MSG! It was like being in a time warp, as if I were experiencing this moment in musical history back in the 60’s rather than today. The only word to describe it is magical.

So thanks Killers. You guys are my favorite. I’ll try and catch you again soon. Maybe we can meet up in London next time?

I took this!! Yay!!