I understand the concept of “naked” as “natural” but COME ON, how can I possibly post a picture of my new beverage obsession if you make me Google the word “Naked” at work?!? I can’t have some cheap-o internet porn on my nice work computer! And all I want to do is talk about juice!

Cherry Pomegranate Power is delicious. It’s sweet and tart and tangy and if I could have an IV of the stuff put into my arm, I would.  In addition to all the vitamins, it claims to contain: 12 tart cherries, 1 pomegranate, 1/2 a banana and some red grapes. How they squish all that into a tiny bottle is beyond me, but I’m pretty stoked about it. (It is possible that these claims are lies, but I’m not going to work that hard trying to disprove it) So yes, should you be in your local supermarket/shop I suggest picking up a bottle. And if for some reason you’re a FREAK OF NATURE and don’t like it, put it in your fridge and I’ll drink it.

(Small shout out to my friend Molly, who reads this blog and is moving away soon to travel the world. I’ll miss you so much Molly! I’m really happy/lucky to have you as a friend!)