As the weather slooooowly begins to get warmer, it’s nice to see people busting out their summer eyewear – sunglasses! Sunglasses are not only nice and protective of our sensitive little eyeballs, but they’re a way to express your style…on your face. I have a pretty basic pair of black sunglasses my mother bought me in La Jolla, but more and more I’ve been seeing white sunglasses!! White!! I mean, I guess it makes sense, since white (the absence of color) is actually reflective of heat, whilst black absorbs it.

But white sunglasses can either look cool or really fucking stupid. The only documented time in the history of the world where white sunglasses have ever looked awesome were:

Every other time, they make the wearer look like a cross of Nicole Richie and Willy Wonka. NOT ATTRACTIVE.

So while it may be a fad, unless you are a badass raisin from California, stick to the dark sunglasses colors.