Step aside Spiderman (Happy Spiderman 3 Day, everyone!) there is a new do-gooder in New York, and it’s me!!

Yes, me! I actually did something good today!

Walking to work this morning, I stopped at a crosswalk and felt a tap on my shoulder. A little wisp of an old lady asked “Excuse me miss, could you please help me across the street? I’m terribly afraid of the traffic.”

WOW!! I only thought that happened in movies, or old-timey comic books! But no! This lady needed me to protect her from wayward cabs and spacey bus-drivers who might not see her petite frame in the crosswalk and mow her down! So I gallantly extended my arm, she took it, and we crossed the street, chatting about the lovely weather. She thanked me profusely, I said it was no problem (because really, it wasn’t) and wished  her a good weekend. We parted ways.

I headed down the street. Why was I the one feeling so great, since I just did her a favor? I dont’ know. My wallet was still in my backpack, it’s not like she conned me and took my wallet. She just asked for help and I was happy to give it.

It was really nice. A warm, gooey feeling to kick-start my Friday.