The weather recently has been nutrageously beautiful. 80 degrees, sunny, just perfect. So for my lunch breaks I’ve been picking up an iced tea or coffee and heading over to Lincoln Center to sit in the sunshine and read.

I went to my local Starbucks and ordered my drink (which I will not name, as it is girly and embarassing) and waited for it to come. Five minutes later, it still had not.

This happens. My friends have worked at Starbucks, and anyone can see it’s kind of a chaotic atmosphere. Drinks slip through the cracks. So I patiently waited until I could get the barista’s (is that even a real word?) attention and kindly explained I think I might have gotten forgotten. She apologized and quickly whipped up my chai tea (damnit! Gave it away.) and also handed me a certificate for a free drink! How nice! I think she was so nice to me because I was nice to her and didn’t make a fuss about my drink being forgotten.

This morning I decided to use my certificate. It said I could get anything I wanted, any size. So I got a HUGE chai tea. But they made it badly, with so much milk I was basically just drinking a large milk over ice with mild tea flavor. But I didn’t complain. That is not my way. The drink was free, after all. What a fucking waste of my nice certificate though. Aw, man.