Ok. Just for future reference out there. If you think you are sick, have some kind of disease, virus, illness then please do not print up information about it and LEAVE IT on the printer for the horrified temp (the sweet, innocent, horrified temp) to find while she prints out work documents.

I was waiting by the machine (it’s an excuse to leave that cubicle) when I saw someone else had left papers in the adjacent machine. In large letters across the top it said “What is Shingles?” and proceeds to be a discussion of what they are (adult chicken pox), what it looks like (hideous ugly rash), how it hurts (real fucking bad) and if it’s contagious (it’s not, if you’ve already had chicken pox, which I have). But STILL. Does someone in this office think they have shingles?!? If so, GO HOME. Get away. Go to quarantine.

Ick. Geez people. If you think you have a nasty virus, don’t stay in close quarters with other people. That’s just crazy.

However, if someone leave information about “What is Zombie virus?” on the printer, I am calling the goddamn cops.