Exciting things that happened on vacation to Baton Rouge, LA.

1. Actually took the trip. So happy that we did it – I really miss Scott and Leigh-Erin so freaking much. Many legs of the journey, from NYC to Newark, NJ to Houston Texas to Baton Rouge! Seriously. That is a lot of legs. But when you have an excellent travel companion as I did, (Juliiiiieee!) then it’s actually a ton of fun.

2. Swimming Pool!! Sunshine! 85 degrees never felt so good.

3. Joy-riding in Scott’s car on the first day.

4. Throwing up in Scott’s car on the last night.

5. The fight we saw in Wal-Mart, and how a shattered deli case could not stop us from parading down the aisles with a giant stick of roni (Pepperoni to you not in the loop)

6. It tends to thunderstorm around 5pm.

7. Watching and being so incredibly proud of their performance in “The Heidi Chronicles” when you watch your friends carry a show, it’s thrilling!

8. Meeting LSU students and seeing how talented they are (such as Amber, who is probably the best singer I have ever heard, tearing it up at Karaoke night). Mark was really great as well, everyone was so welcoming!

9. Wine bar, 80s Night, Karaoke at some gay dive bar

10. The thrilling conclusion to “America’s Next Top Model” and all of our really visceral reactions to it (such as Scott storming out of the room when Renee was cut)

11. The fact that Leigh-Erin is a “MASTER STORYTELLER”

12. Just sitting around listening to Master Storytelling.

13. The fact that many photographs which I’ve taken are hanging in their REALLY REALLY nice apartment.

14. The fact that Julie is amazing and I never ever got tired of her company. And that she let me whisper “Aaaahndreeeww” to her.

15. Mike the Tiger, who died on Friday (graduation day…ouch)

16. On campus ice cream.

17. New Orleans, mostly for Wilhelminia at the Old Coffee Pot, and her Jambalaya, and taking Hurricane slushies into the streets.

18. The fact that I got my new best drunk bowling score of 140. That is fucking incredible.

Seriously, I could go on forever. And most things on this list make sense to only the handful of people who were there, but you just have to trust me when I say that they add up to the BEST TIME EVER.