I received this in my inbox this afternoon:

Dearest Jamie,

Please write your thoughts about the new Mandy Moore/ John Krasinski/Robin Williams movie.

Please tell me you’re as excited as I am.


I’m glad D has pretty much opened the door for me to talk about License to Wed the forthcoming flick about how HILARIOUS impending marriage is! Because am I excited? Absolutely I am. The movie touches upon many people and subjects that swirl around my brain on an almost constant basis, like a square dance spiraling out of control.

1. Love and Marriage: Love love love. John Lennon had it right the first time. So many people are getting married! Two of my college friends and now, my dearest only sibling, are engaged to be married to the loves of their lives! It is so exciting! Anything that revolves around sparkly jewelry, you can count me in! But seriously, I think this is the first big sign of “growing up,” that those near and dear to me are staking claims on the people they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Some are even having kids (whom I am secretly grooming to become a fleet of assassins, unbeknownst to their parents – I know they’re just babies now, but they will be unstoppable later) and buying houses! Maybe I am just worried because I’m difficult to love sometimes. I’d like to think that when the right man came along and we were in love, I’d settle down, but until that day comes, I’ll be at the cinema watching…

2. License to Wed!!! (see the trailer at www.apple.com/trailers) This movie looks super cute. (The smack in the face at the end is priceless) A rare summer movie not involving superpowers, pirates, aliens, or cartoon penguins. I’m sad though, because it comes out July 4th, which means it is going to get its ass stomped on by Transformers (even I’m a bit torn on which to see first! Optimus Prime? Robin Williams? Megatron? John Krasinski?)

As I’ve said in an earlier blog, I love Mandy Moore. She admits when her work is crap, and chalks it up to a learning experience. No pretentious attitude. And Robin Williams!! Come on! Even though he’s been struggling a bit (Man of the Year, anybody?) he is still a comic GENIUS and so much fun to watch. As for John Krasinski, well, you know I’m biased because I met him and think he’s just lovely. Sure he’s good looking (ok, maybe he’s the best looking man I’ve ever seen) but he’s also intelligent and funny and down to earth (most important, considering he’s going to become a huge star). So how could I not want to support this movie with the purchase of a ticket?

Maybe you’ll read this and think “Oh, you suck Jamie. Way to plug some cheesy movie” but I hope you’ll realize that I’m excited to see a movie that reflects my own helpless-romantic-yet-conflicted-about-the-prospect-of-ever-settling-down nature. And after I see that, I plan on sneaking into another theatre to watch a truck turn into a robot and pound the crap out of another robot. Sweet!!!