“Oh you have to see this” he said excitedly.

“See what?”

“This YouTube video. It’s this guy singing and beatboxing and it’s really awesome.”

“Oh cool.”

That’s how it started. I watched the video. It WAS awesome. This guy began by miming that he was putting a record on, and made all the accompanying sounds. Neat! Then he began belting out Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name” and it was pretty great! Pumping new life into a song so well known most of us can do a pretty decent impression of it!

Then the camera panned back. The dude was on a stage, and there was a screaming audience. Then the camera cut away to the face of….Paula Abdul.

“Oh fuck Scott, is this American Idol?!?! You tricked me into liking a contestant on American fucking Idol!!!??!”

“Too late you already like it” (Not what Scott said, but I could see it in his eyes)

I found out this beatboxing wonder is named Blake Lewis. He is 25, like I (almost) am. He looks like this:

Kind of like if Martin Freeman (from the UK The Office) and Jason Bateman had a baby…magically. And Blake’s style is pretty amazing. I don’t know if he’s just naturally like that, or if it’s the most ingeniously (and carefully) crafted image in the history of the world. He’s sort of cute. He’s got that punky-preppy with tatoos to match. You don’t know if he’s going to take you to the country club for lunch with his mother, or slip something into your drink. And I like that about him. His doughy face is actually quite charming. But seriously, check out that YouTube video. His beatboxing is spectacular.

And now he’s in the American Idol finals. That pretty much guarantees a record deal!! I don’t think he’ll win, but he’s the first contestant to ever make me want to watch….the show….and see Paula Abdul publicly embarass herself.