I keep accounts on both MySpace and Facebook, like a few million others of you do. It’s fun. I wouldn’t regard it as anything groundbreaking, but it’s a nice way to keep in touch with people you don’t get to see often.

Sometimes though, I read peoples profiles and just sort of laugh and shake my head. For example, this girl I know lists her hobbies as “drinking, partying, and beer” and then wonders why she can’t hold down a steady job. Uhm…I think I might have an idea. Because “beer” falls under “drinking” you fool. That, and you sound like a raging boozer.

I also really get a kick out of people who put really hugely broad ideas as their “interests” such as “life, love, existence and tequila” (again, I think “life” will fall under “existence” in these circumstances) Sure, everyone enjoys being alive. I even dig on existence. But if you’re a boring enough person that you need to list these as your MAJOR interests, I suggest you live a little less in cyberspace and a little more in the real world.

And cut back on the tequila.