Apparently Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into a huge fight yesterday on “The View” because they have differing opinions on the Iraq war. I don’t watch “The View” but it made me really sad to hear about this.

 *sigh* Ladies. Here’s my take on it.

“The View” is suppossed to be a show about intelligent, articulate women in the media expressing their thoughts and opinions on certain issues in a roundtable discussion. If we can’t get through ONE HOUR of television programming without squabbling and stabbing each other in the back publicly, then how can we ever be expected to be taken seriously on the national stage?

You ladies, who have built these great careers for yourself, should be the role models for those who watch you. Is it entirely impossible to have an argument where instead of getting snarly and lame, we can LISTEN and DISCUSS our differing opinions thoughtfully, intelligently and without stooping to hurling insults? Disagreeing can be GOOD, it should promote exchange of ideas, even if in the end you simply have to agree to disagree.

Oh I’m sorry? Did you need this soap? I’ll stop standing on the box now.

Here ya go.