Friday night I was seated way the fuck in the back of the Eugene O’Neill theatre to catch “Spring Awakening” the new musical that is being likened to such generation-encapsulating phenomena as “Hair” and “Rent” (thought bucking the one-word title trend). I’ve been ruminating on the experience all weekend and here’s what I’ve come up with.

1. While watching it, I enjoyed the frenetic, if somewhat jumbly storytelling. There were a few moments when I kind of lost the trail of what was happening, but the performers (WHO ARE SO YOUNG AND TALENTED IT IS KIND OF SCARY) were so energetic and committed you had to hang on for the ride. While some of my friends have said they thought the cast was too young to really sink their teeth into a show of this emotional complexity, I kind of think that their occaisional awkwardness and inexperience as actors made their characters even more relatable. The girl who sings the song about being beaten by her father is incredible, and apparently only 16. That is a lady with a future!

2. The stage and lights: cool, but by no means revolutionary. I heard so much about the choreography, and it seemed too robotic for a piece about passion. Maybe that’s just me.

3. The music. After the show ended, I could only vividly recall about three songs. But after I bought the soundtrack and played it a few times, the songs that I thought were kind of boring ballads became more lively to me, because I could hear them a few times and really get the feel for them. It’s that kind of music. The more I listen, the more I appreciate it. “The Mirror Blue Night” and “Touch Me” are shaping up to be my favorite tracks. I kind of wonder if Duncan Shiek wrote it as make-out music (because we all know teenagers love to make out) because it’s got that kind of power and sensuality behind it.

Above are the show’s ridiculously good-looking and talented stars.